Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obligatory 'why I done started this here blog' post

It's funny.

Not me so much. But the fact that I have created this place for me to come and write about whatever occurs to me with some degree of anonymity and yet I have already spent all this time and effort in trying to make sure that if anyone does come this way it's nice and easy for them to get my updates. Because, clearly, there are going to be tens of tens of people wanting to hear whatever random crap I write down here.

And yet, if this was meant to be solely for me and my own edification, why put it out where anyone, even my mom who has no idea how to find these blog thingies that all the kids are talking about, could come across it? First of all, I don't think that will happen. My mom, your mom, my husband's mom. No one would have any reason to come here, unless I tag myself up with certain keywords. You know the ones I am talking about. And then I hope no one's mom is the one coming here because that would just be awkward.

I have come to learn the value of the wonderful communities that can be had online. And that's really the only reason to put anything out here to be seen by anyone who might stumble upon it and think, wow, this person, this Alas, is pretty lame/weird/interesting/jerky (pick one). The whole beauty is that no one here will have pre-conceived notions of who I am and what I am about. It won't shock a single person if I should come out and say I love kicking puppies. I don't, by the way. But in this space, this blank canvas, it would not matter if I did. I also won't have my in-laws all crawling down my virtual throat because they know where my blog is. That alone is awesome enough to make me want to just come and toss my thoughts out here, whatever they might be.

Anyway, that is why I am here. Who knows what will come next? I don't, but for my own sake and for the purpose of my own being able to look backwards and remember where I have been, I'm probably going to keep talking like I do have an audience and will likely attempt to entertain that imaginary body of people.

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