Monday, February 1, 2010

In which my guildies bring teh funny

Also, At helped me finally find something to appreciate Google Wave for. Namely, that you can just drag and drop any photos you want into a wave and it is much easier than dealing with emailing crap back and forth and attaching files the old-fashioned way and blah, blah, blah.

Hence, I have a lot of material. But I will attempt to pace myself. Click to embiggen if needed.

 And by "tomorrow," I of course meant "whenever I manage to get the SS edited to size and sent to myself."

Later on that night. I am sure I don't want to know half of what goes on in the healing channel. (Holly and Hanse are married, so.... that's why that's funny.)
I think that conversation from the other morning speaks for itself...


  1. [the Todd]In YOUR endo! High five![/the Todd]

  2. Too bad I wasn't around for this, I'm quick with the penis jokes.

  3. oh geeze... I forgot all about the Todd. That was funny tho, which is why I love this guild :)