Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My time in the court

Reasons why I should not be allowed to play racquetball:

  • I have terrible eye-hand coordination
  • I tend to get in the way of the other player(s)
  • My head might still be bruised from that one time I took a racket to the head about three years ago
  • I may or may not have pulled a muscle whilst flailing wildly at the ball
  • I definitely managed to hit my own arm and skin my wrist
  • I fell down for no discernible reason
  • It's only a matter of time before I face-plant into the wall and/or floor
  • I'd much rather sing in those large, echo-y rooms (despite my inability to carry a tune)
  • I am terribly competitive with a need to win and I can't do that when I fail so badly at nearly all aspects of the game, thus:
  • It makes me cranky

Reasons why I should play racquetball:

  • All that flailing and running and getting back up after falling down will probably help me find my waistline. 

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