Friday, November 20, 2009

Sarth +1

Last night's 'quickie' turned into more of a 'longie.' (longy? long-y? Look, I know it's not a damn word but still...) We headed out to EoE right away, after some initial shuffling wherein I left my poor mage at the stone and brought in my priest for heals because one of our other priesty heals had real life familial sickness come up and had to care for them. He did send me a note about it, which of course he should have because hi! He's an officer! But damn all if I'm not seriously happy that he is one of the few responsible ones. I think I owe him a cookie.

Um, anyway, dropped my mage, grabbed my priest and picked up a dps. It was a quasi-pug, because the guy I picked up is a former guildy. Indeed, his wife is still in the guild, although not an active raider, and he has come and gone so many times it makes me crazy. Still, he has nice gear and decent dps and totems, so we brought him. 

And proceeded to wipe a few times on Maly. Again. This time, errors included several people trying to go give Maly a big old hug instead of strafing to the right.


I have no idea how that even happens, but a few people managed to do it.

Our other significant problem was on phase one. Our only Death Knight had serious lag issues and  most of the other dps seemed to think he was the only person who should be concerned about getting the sparks to drop in the right place. At least, that's how it seemed from the little I could make out in between frantically spamming heals and yelling at the tank to "OMG Noxy! Point his face away from the raid! Away! Everyone else move!" I am sure all would have been much uglier had we not had our helpful druid rooting those damn sparks to the ground. 

After a few tries, my impatience and the aforementioned DK saying he was going to step out so we could get someone without lag issues and my overall unwillingness to subject some random person to a fail pug of repairs, led me to suggest we go try Sarth with a drake up.

Everyone agreed and we went (after swapping out the other mage for a warrior tank) and had some truly epic trash pulls (one tank, all the trash from the front of the room, lolwut) which we weathered beautifully. Pew pew! went the lasers on the first drake. Pew pew! went the lasers on the second drake plus the big guys who pat that far and seriously, I thought everyone knew that, wheee! But no one died and we won and it was very awesome.

We left Tenebron up, of course, because she's supposed to be the easiest one to handle. Our first attempt was somewhat sloppy and we lost half the raid by the time Tenebron was down and still struggled with add roundup and destruction, to the point where my husband and I were alternately calling out: "Healer has adds - get em off!" I was fading every chance I got and bubbling in between and chanting at the tanks: "Don't die, don't die, stop dying!" 

It was delightful. 

We got him to 4% and he enraged and we all died.

The second attempt was beautiful. I was the only person to go down (adds!) and within a few minutes there was a battle rez available. While I was kissing the floor I made sure to call out such helpful advice as "Um, flame wall. Move - uhh, crack!" and "Watch your feet!"

The loot was a damn joke. No one wanted anything except the bag and badges. I suppose there was also a tanking something or other that got picked up. But really, the overall experience was that it wasn't that bad and I don't see a need to ever do Sarth +0. On the flip side, it was enough of a circus that I can't even contemplate the notion of Sarth +2, let alone +3. At least, not on 10-man.  

And through all of that I kept futzing with a new addon since we are going to try the Suicide Kings loot system and see how it goes. As a side note on that, least intuitive opening control panel ever. I must have spent the better part of an hour switching between WoW and the documentation for the addon at the site. And perhaps I missed it in the general frustration and trying to keep up with multiple conversations in game, and goddamn lua errors spamming the hell out of my UI, and everything else that was going on, but no where did I see anything that told me to click the icon in the top left  that totally looks like it's just there for decoration to flip through menus. 

On the plus side, I was the GM for about 45 minutes. Or, as we like to call it in WWAB, the Co-Queso Grande. 

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