Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fifty "fun" facts

  1. The first character I ever rolled was a druid
  2. It took me five or six tries to finally stick with a warrior
  3. I once thought my warlock would be my main
  4. I've deleted a level 50 priest
  5. And a level 30-something rogue
  6. I have tried gender-bending many times but there's always something about the movement of a man toon that irritates me to where I can't keep it
  7. I think that people who won't play a certain class or race because "it's too evil" are stupidlame
  8. I also think that no one is going to get addicted to something in real life just because they played a belf who was addicted to magic
  9. Speaking of addiction, the idea that WoW is harmfully addictive is a crock. It's fun and some people just have no self control 
  10. My baby huntard is still BM because I sort of like lol ez mode
  11. I also deleted a 20-something mage back before they super accelerated 1-70 xp gain
  12. I find the death knight class to be boring as hell but I'll get one leveled anyway
  13. People who act like their time is more important than that of anyone else they are in party/raid with make me stabby
  14. PvP is unhealthy for my desk/keyboard/mouse and At's ears, so I try not to deal with that aspect of the game
  15. If someone leaves my guild on bad terms I will carry a pretty unreasonable actual hatred of them to the point where I have cheered to hear that someone's real life fell apart
  16. And yeah, I know it's just a game
  17. But that doesn't mean that people can't be real douches in a fake environment
  18. I once had a GM tell me that my opinion as an officer wasn't worth his listening to it
  19. That may have been the reason I cheered when I heard his real life fell apart. Maybe
  20. I find that there are some struggles to being female and in a leadership position
  21. But I will never ever use that as an excuse when I make a bad decision or am otherwise stupid
  22.  I don't think being female gets me any perks in WoW
  23. Unless you count being told that being a bossy raid leader is hott
  24. I have gotten a couple pervs before - that was interesting
  25. Even though we sometimes struggle with content for a while I do think Blizz is making the game as a whole too easy
  26. At scoffs at me whenever I start in on how no one should get ponies at 20 or flying at 60
  27. I used to think I would never level fishing or cooking on any character
  28. My main is max exalted with all WotLK factions except Ashen Verdict
  29. Lately I change Alas' hair every few weeks because I would do it in real life if I could
  30. I think Renaissance faires are an awesome excuse for dressing up
  31. Alas was not supposed to be my main because of her name
  32. I have a different name I use everywhere else online but that name ended up attached to a nelf huntard
  33. That huntard got deleted at 44 to make way for my DK with the same name
  34. I've met several of my guildies irl even if it did mean driving to the deep South (imo) to do so
  35. Alastriona is the Gaelic form of my middle name
  36. And I cringe every time someone pronounces it "Alas-tree-OH-nuh"
  37. The first time I healed a raid it was in Kara and I didn't have any helpful addons, such as grid or healbot
  38. Of course, that was the PUG raid that wiped on chess, trufax
  39. I call At "At" in real life but I almost never call him by his real name
  40. I'm ridiculously addicted to FarmVille, even though I see how brainless it is
  41. Of course, I also deal with faculty and buying random crap for a living (me, every other day: "How the hell do I buy printer memory? Printers have memory?") so I try to avoid that as much as possible
  42. Unless I plan on writing either the fanfic or the novel, then I'm all worky worky worky
  43. I lol at people with naming conventions
  44. I am super cheap, to the point where even though I have over 30k across my toons, I still won't buy anything off the AH unless I absolutely have to
  45. The cheapness also means that many of my characters don't have epic flying 
  46. I will not play undead, trolls or orcs because they're ugly
  47. I will not play gnomes or dwarves because they're short
  48. I would totally do any draenai  - male or female
  49. I have some moderate OCD tendencies 
  50. I needed this list to have a random number and an alliterative title   


  1. Yeah, I agree. Those with naming conventions are lame. Oh.. wait.. nevermind. I didn't say anything.

  2. You coulda trimmed it to 42 things then it'd have been COOL!

  3. Does the fact that it's technically my 42nd post make it any cooler?

  4. Apparently you need to school me on the proper pronounciation of Alastriona