Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I like to worry in advance

Because that's also how I roll.

There was some discussion in the officer's channel last night about people asking about raiding, saying they wanted to. Which, you know, great. But also, I feel as though we're looking down the barrel of a gun that's about to go off.

Between various websites and discussions, I've counted up several raiders potentially coming back soon. Several of them are excellent and I look forward to getting a chance to raid with them again. The others, meh, they've been at the center of some drama (of the mild, loot/raid spot variety) more than once. Or they've been really lazy about small requirements, like signing up at the guild forums and reading and agreeing to the raid rules. Also, they're mostly dps. DPS. We don't need more dps.

At the same time, Azzah is coming back. Which, yes, I told him to because I wanted some totems to make sweet, sweet love to, and he's an excellent healer. But along with him comes another dps. A warlock. It used to be that I would murder for ranged dps since we had about 3 billion DKs all wanting to raid like thisismynewmainlol! Now I have one rogue. And 3 billion ranged with more wanting to come back. And people running heroics to gear up and thinking gear = all I need and since they just pug the hell out of things I have never once run with them and I don't know that they have actual skill which is pretty damned important to me.

All of which is to say, yeah, woo, we have like 5-7 people back or threatening to start raiding or come back to the game and they're all going to want to get in on ICC raids and I can't blame them for that. But I don't see giving up my spot or asking anyone else to do the same when we have been the ones working at this for months and months and there every week learning the fight and gearing up before it was all badge purchasable.

I guess I wish Blizz would stop making gear so easy to get because gear doesn't say anything any more about skill. And no, I don't think I'm some elite awesome player. But I know my class and I pull down decent numbers and I have been consistent.

And I don't want to, in the coming weeks, have this perfect, delicate balance that we've finally achieved overthrown by a bunch of fair-weather raiders coming along, buying the gear and expecting to be able to go at the expense of someone who deserves it more. We are not, in all likelihood, going to end up with enough people to man even two full 10-man raiding teams, let alone one 25-man. So there is the very real possibility that within a month, I'm going to be sitting 5-6 people out every night and all I can tell them is:

Team balance first, the appropriate number of tanks, heals and dps and past that it's first come, first serve.

Hopefully I'm worried about nothing, but I don't like the way this is looming on the horizon.

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  1. Don't think of it as worrying in advance, think of it as planning in advance. You're being pro-active by considering potential upcoming conflicts. That's one of the qualities that makes a good leader.

    I am in a love-hate relationship with the Dungeon Finder. I love that I can jump into a dungeon and get badges with little to know effort. I hate when I look at the guild window and see five different people in five different dungeons. Not only does the Dungeon Finder allow people to gear up easily, they can do so without the help of the guild and more importantly the opportunity for guild leaders to observe their skills and give them some pointers.

    I know that I have said (only once) in the past that I sometimes feel over-legislated by all the rules. In this case, I would suggest another one:

    New raiders, regardless of gear, need to have a performance evaluation by guild officers, or me or Hanse since there are no hunter officers :), before they can expect to go to the top level of content. Basically, pick out a few trickier heroics (Old Kingdom, HoR, PoS, ToC) or an easier raid (Sapph + KT is always a challenge strategy-wise) and run them through with a couple of officers, including one who knows the class of the applicant well. Based on performance, we can get an idea if they are ready. If they are not, the person with class knowledge can help them work on improving.

    Sounds like hard-core raider guild application process, but I think the Dungeon Finder makes it almost necessary.

    While it does not help with having 5-6 more dps than you need, hopefully it would help answer the question "Why am I not raiding ICC with you?" Those who are serious will accept the criticism and work on improving (the sign of a good raider in the making). Those who are not serious, oh well.

    Wall of text, FTW!