Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Half assed Tuesday

I may have mentioned before that I am lame? Here's an example. Every damn time we go to Pit of Saron, I always, always think Tyrannus is talking to me. Every time. Despite the fact that my name is not simply "Alas." I have become too accustomed to being called that by my guild mates and even myself. So, if ever someone in game says, "Alas," and means "unfortunately," I still think it's all about me.

Does this mean I am unfortunate? Could be, could be.

In other news, we finally headed back to Ulduar after spending several weeks away from it working on ToC (with great success) and ICC (with less success). And, hey, what do you know? We plowed right through Thorim and Freya. I missed a shot of Freya, but here's me flexing in Thorim's crotchal region:


Wow, dude's got this sort of like, aura around him, you know?

At (as his shaman) made me laugh because he is also lame:

And lastly, I thought that I saw a famous bloggery type person hanging out in Shattrath. On second thought, it might just be a fan as I am quite certain no one would roll a DK on another server for any reason whatsoever.

 <--Very likely not Amber of Bubble Liking fame.


  1. I have thought the same thing in PoS everytime I see that bit.

    Downing Freya and Thorim was hella fun. Too bad no one needs any loot from them anymore. It's a shame for those to be so hard, and the loot not be worth the effort for us right now. Sadness

    I have seen Omnomftw before, and ran across at least one Dinosaur named that. Amber has fans among us.

  2. One of these days you'll learn that either you're not Lame...or that we all have lame moments ;)

    I agree with Joe...It is a shame for most of us that we don't need the gear out of Uldaur.

    ~ Jinx