Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Actual gtalk conversation

Noxy: ok.. i'll do that tomorrow. for now i have an epic raid on the Sinkfullodishes

Alas: Good luck with that one
I hear it's a bitch and there's no good loots

Noxy: yeah
and to make it interesting, the dishwasher gquit

Alas: Oh, man, what a jerk

Noxy: well.. no. not true. he didn't server xfer with the rest of us

Alas: Think he might be convinced? Will you have to throw money at him?

Noxy: idk.. maybe. been eying one in lfg for a while

Alas: Might be best to get a new one - those former quitters have no loyalty

Noxy: true story. on that note.. imma go see if i can down that boos :)

Alas: booze?

Noxy: maybe that too

Alas: Woot
See ya later

Noxy: see ya

Alas: ps- this is going on the blog like right now


  1. Ah, the dreaded Sinkfullodishes boss. Bummer to hear about the gquit, when ours did it leaked all over the floor of the gbank. Squish, squish, squish...

  2. roflmao...Epic conversation. ;)


  3. When server transfered from the CrappyApartement server to HomeOwner server, Dishwasher said he was more comfortable where he was and stayed there. I've been in LFG for a while looking for one, but Kitchen is only a 5man dungeon, so not sure I have room for a newraiding Dishwasher.

  4. better look for a gnome dishwasher to save room