Thursday, December 31, 2009

Low level PUGs can kiss my ass!

At and I have been ignoring our horde side lowbies for a while but decided to put them through their paces today. We decided to run a few instances, swapping out on toons so I could pally tank with his priest heals and he could druid tank with my shaman heals. We ran two different dungeons on each pair, making for a total of four less than awesome experiences.

On the first run, where we were in SFK and I was tanking, I pretty much right off the bat had to tell the hunter with us that he better let me pull because I would, by God, let him die. Just to prove it, I calmly sipped my water and told At not to heal the douche and oh, what do you know, he died. As soon as the 15 minute timer was up, he left before I could vote to kick. The other person from his guild followed. We managed to pick up one more DPS and 4-manned it the rest of the way through.

Next it was off to BFD, where I had yet another huntard pull without myself or the healer being there. I chastised him as well and, wow, as soon as the timer was up he was gone. Nothing else major happened as soon as our fresh mage caught up with us.

Swapping over to other pair, we ran Deadmines. The run was actually pretty smooth, right up until the end. We pulled Cookie and the healer bailed, along with one dps. I swapped over to healing and fortunately the good dps was still with us and we got Cookie down, plus the 5 or so mobs that got pulled by runners.

Then came WC, and a duo from Ysondre who in turn, insisted on trying to tank even though one was a huntard and one was a balance druid... pulled everything in sight whether I had mana or no... bitched at At if he switched into kitty form for single pulls... rolled need on everything... and eventually both left mid-pull.

Is it just horde that do this? Or is it the low levels? Or was it just bad luck? I've had a jerk or two running on my 40ish hunter and there has been the very occasional retard in the 75-80 range. I took my 60 warrior out for my first ever tanking experience just yesterday and received nothing but kindness from the others in my party.

But there has been nothing like what I experienced today from the randomly assorted dps in the 18-22 range. As much as I hate horde quests at that level, I just might slog though it rather than subject myself to pugging again. Or trade run-throughs with our DK's. That might work, too.


  1. Well, with my buddie joining up in game, it looks like I will be thrown into the hell that is low-level pugging soon. When people get close to the level cap, there is at least a good chance that they will no how to play their character.

    I also think that the average age of player increases with levels.

    LFG Deadmines!

  2. You know I'll run you through whatever if I'm free. So will Asmod.

  3. May take you up on that, but we're still only lowly level 13s. Would like to get to at least level 15 before wading into anything, so we could actually use the drops in a few levels.

    My friend also needs to get broken in properly (read - suffer through some horrible pugs and learn to play his class). We got absolutely murdered in that town outside of DM last night. Damn runners when you have no real ranged attacks.