Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pwned a noob!

We just one-shot Anub'Arak and it was most of the guild's first time seeing him. It took a little more to work through the faction champions (three tries) and the twins (like, 6 or 7 tries?). I walked away with two upgrades and then went a bit nuts spending badges. So, that's four things to get enchanted and gemmed tomorrow. For now, I am tired and euphoric and hoping I can get some sleep.

Grats to everyone who was there!


  1. I'm sorry to have missed it, but grats to everyone that was there. Oh wait.. Alas won some rolls? Hell is going to freeze over tomorrow...

  2. It's darn close to it now. (In this metaphor, MO = Hell)

  3. nah Hell is NE TX, but they did get some snow late last week, so I guess it already happened either way.