Monday, December 21, 2009

Random stuff

Today's post brought to you by a combination of a poor night's sleep and the fact that I often can't focus on anything for more than a minute.

Open letter to guildies who read this blog

Hai guys:

I rant here. I blow off steam. It's what I do to say a little more sane. Don't take anything here too seriously or personally, mkay? If I have a specific problem with a specific person, I'll put on my big girl panties and come talk to you directly. If I'm able to get the crazy out here in advance, well, that just means that it won't be so bad for you if I should ever have to have that one-on-one talk. There's a reason I didn't just put an open link to here when I mentioned I was writing about y'all. This isn't a formal place for me to talk like the forums are and should not be taken as omg srs bzns.




On the flip side of that, if you want some tips on things to not do so you don't irritate me into a rant, here's a small list:

Alas gets irritated if you:

  • Freak out over vent because you're dying 
  • Attempt to call out instructions when you're not the damned raid leader
  • Point out the bloody obvious like I'm too damn stupid to know that tanks need healing
    • I mean, seriously, no shit? I thought healers were there for looks
  • Decide to blow your special abilities or call for someone else to do so (see prior post)
  • Think you're somehow more special than anyone else in the guild and can bring whatever alt you choose to a raid (see prior posts)
  • Don't laugh at my stupid jokes
  • Talk over me when I am trying to distribute loot
  • Ask me hours before the raid starts what we're doing on a quickie night. How would I know? There are factors that can throw the best laid plans into utter disarray
  • Settle. Guess what? No one ever reaches a point with their main character where they can shrug and stop trying to be better
  • Don't sign up and then act offended when you don't get to go
  • Sign up at the last minute and then act offended when you don't get to go
  • Pretend to not understand the basic building blocks of raid composition and act offended if you don't get to go
  • Tell me over and over that we need to get an alt run together for the weekly raid. What prevents you from organizing that?
  • Give me ultimatums. I piss on your ultimatums 

I could go on, but I did say it would be a small list.

I saw Avatar this weekend. It was awesome and you should go see it also. They have Nagrand! That is all.

I'mma start work on Emergent, which will be a full length fantasy novel. I'll prolly want readers for constructive feedback and I am considering making a whole other area on the interwebs to post excerpts. Thoughts?


  1. Well... I'm offended that I didn't get to go even though I told you in advance I wouldn't be able to go, and wasn't on to go..

    So there :P

  2. I'm glad you have a place that you can come and vent...however, when our Raid Leader starts venting we all start looking at ourselves especially when you name a special ability one might actually

    A fantasy book...sounds interesting...let us know where to read it and I'm sure this bunch will be glad to give feedback.


  3. I would comment, but this post is not labeled with "rage" or "fail".

  4. You guys are such jackasses. It makes me love you all the more.

  5. Several of us obviously love you enough to track you down and read your rants in hopes of learning from them.

    Also, we should totally do an alt run... or else.

  6. As we were running ToC last night, I had this post in my mind. "Oh, that probably pissed Alas off," "shut up, Yngwe, shut up." Hehe, sorry. Sometimes I lose my filter (intoxication). Thankfully, it was a smooth run regardless.

    And, next time you heal it, I will volunteer to call the Twins. Honest.

  7. Yngwe - I actually was pretty mellow last night myself. I was too busy watching bars to care what else was going on (although certain people *bellowing* into vent still irritates me). Making me heal full time may be the answer to a calmer Alas. Oh, and I was also intoxicated. :D

    ...what are you going to call the Twins? I'm going with dirty, rotten whores - but then again, that's what I call everyone.

    Elfy - you make me laugh AND I piss on your ultimatum!