Sunday, December 20, 2009

Open letter to raiders

Dear, dear raiders.

What the hell?

I am not the raid leader because I love to hear myself talk all night long. Nor do I take it on just to abuse raid warnings and other specially colored text. I also don't get any perks from being the raid leader. If you think being loot master is fun, try doing it sometime when people won't shut. up. in vent while you're trying to talk about what's on the block.

I am the raid leader because I'm practiced at being aware of what is going on throughout the raid and not just in my own little bubble. You think that's easy? Try it sometime. I dare you. Try to call the twins sometime and say everything you have to say at the right time in the right way so that no one else gets confused and takes out the rest of the goddamn raid. Just make sure you try it when I'm not there, because frankly, I see a lot of death.

On top of being able to call out what's about to happen and what people should be avoiding/dispelling/targeting/controlling/hitting/buffing/whatever-the-fuck-else-everying, I am also keeping an eye on such factors as, oh, I dunno, how many people are still up. How far the boss has been burned. Who is kissing the floor, if anyone is. Whether or not we're about to hit a phase where we're going to need big DPS or heals or both. And on and on and on.

Do I get it perfect all the time? Hell no.

But here's the rub for me, after the last few nights: I certainly can't do my job if you all won't stop making decisions on your own. Did I call for a battle rez? No? Then don't do it. How about that heroism? I don't remember saying hey, let's blow heroism right now instead of saving it for later when that other guy over there is going to gain additional abilities. Did I determine the attempt was a wipe? No? Then why the fuck did you DI the tank and take yourself, as a healer, out of action?

If you think you can do a better job of raid leading, by all means, let me know and I'll step back and let you try it. But if you just think that your toolbox is your own and how you use your abilities is a decision that affects only you, think again, dammit. And then shut the hell up so I can communicate what I need to without wading through static and calling for something that isn't available because you decided to waste it two minutes ago.

I would really, really fucking appreciate that.




  1. I like any post with tags like "fail" and "rage". Seriously, though, you don't see a long line of people waiting behind you to take over because (1) no one else wants the responsibility, and (2) we all trust that you will do a great job, because you have for so long. Being able to trust the person in charge makes it much easier to fulfill and excel in your own role.

    As for people doing their own thing, sometimes to the detriment of the raid, that is never going to completely go away, and to some extent it shouldn't. Everyone who has a fair amount of experience raiding thinks (more or less) that they know how best to play their class and maximize their performance. Some level of this is good. It leads to more confidence, independent thinking, and overall fun for the player. For you, it lessens the need to micromanage and hopefully increases your fun-factor too, assuming the people get it right 90% of the time.

    Ultimately, you want people to have the capacity to make snap decisions in the heat of battle, if those decisions are largely correct :). Making mistakes is part of the process if they can learn from them. I am as guilty as others, since I often find myself overstepping bounds and yelling "Heroism!" when I think it's appropriate. Of course, I am always thinking about how to maximize dps, so I always will think I am right ;).

  2. Ynqwe: "I like any post with tags like "fail" and "rage"." - why do I feel like this means you feed off my tears? :p


  4. I agree with Yngwe...I think there has to be a certain amount of personal responsibility in the way we play AND what is best for the raid. I don't mind asking, "Battle Rez?" Sometimes it doesn't make sense to blow it & sometimes it gets blown and was a just don't know. [get your minds out of the gutter]

    But yes, there is a personal responisibilty we all have towards the raid environment AND yet we need to have the seasoning of being able to play together and do our jobs...whatever JOB that is.

    You do a good job Alas...I haven't been raiding a year yet...I think Salena was still under 80 at this time last year. You have proven yourself worthy to be listened too. And with some of us, you don't have to micromanage. ;)

    Hugs...keep up the good work. ~Jinx