Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello December

Well, it's likely a good thing that I don't have an audience to speak of, aside from (I think?) some guildies who know how much I love the comments and yet do not leave them (/eyes Noxy). Still. Bad blogger for leaving a lame ass picture post and then disappearing for a week. I know. 

In my defense, it was the holiday and I did have my family over and when I wasn't busy trying not to commit murder I was very busy trying to kill some turkeys. And shoot rogues. 

Aside from holiday festivities both in and out of Azeroth, I managed to see New Moon with two dudes, both of whom went willingly. Hell, it wasn't even my idea. Apparently, my friend forgot that the book is pretty much all about Bella hurting and moping and hurting some more and there's not really just a whole lot in the way of action sequences. He spent most of the movie bitching about that and then we all went out to dinner and bitched about the crappy makeup jobs and whatshisname's inability to convey any emotion other than constipated. "I love you, Bella." [/looks constipated] "You're not good for me." [/looks constipated] "You're really alive. I'm so happy." [/looks constipated] 

I so did not mean to get off on that tangent.

I meant to talk about my baby toons and what progress they've made. But I find that it bores me to even think about it and surely no one gives a crap that I made it to 10, 20, 33, 40 and 55, plus some headway into 75.  Surely no one cares about how my baby huntard made it through three levels before I realized that the heirloom gear was on my shaman and I was running around essentially half-naked except for the useless shirt. And I was out of rested so it was quitting time on that toon anyway. 

/looks around

/realizes it's true - no one cares

/quietly leaves 


  1. wow.. i have my very own tag. Woot

  2. oh and as far as Twilight goes, vampires are not supposed to friggin sparkle.

  3. And if you're very good, someday you'll get a 'Noxy is not a nub' tag.

  4. but noxy is a nub, so why would i get one of those?

  5. I said you had to be very good. I admit the odds are very long, but hey, so are the odds of you not dying at least once per run on your rogue and I think I saw that happen one time.